How to End Up Happily with Saeyoung on Mystic Messenger

Guide on Mystic Messenger Saeyoung Route

Saeyoung Choi, also known as 707 or Seven, is a popular character in Mystic Messenger. He is one of the available routes for Deep Story Mode. 

If you are just starting with this and you haven’t played other characters yet, it is not advisable to play Seven. This is for the reason that his story contains the important background information of the mode. Thus, it may contain spoiler and other necessary details for other characters. 

To know more about this route and how you can capture Saeyoung’s heart, you can read along for some tips and suggestions. 

How to Capture Saeyoung’s Heart

The route 707 Mystic Messenger or Saeyoung, as stated earlier, is one of the stories in Deep Mode. He loves playing prank at others but who would have thought that this same person is a genius in hacking. 

Seven is well-respected by the members of RFA because of his skills and talents. Despite his quirky side, he is overflowing with intelligence. In fact, he was the man behind the email app in the gameplay.

If you want to win 707, you need to be humorous and creative. You just have to play along with his jokes and pranks. But, show to him that you’re determined and dedicated to get to know him more. If you haven’t figured out what’s the best thing to do or not to do, here is a list for you.

To Do

  • Ride along with his jokes and playful self
  • Compliment his skills
  • Care for him but not to the point of criticizing his way of life
  • During the first four days, converse with him in a lighthearted manner
  • After nine days, focus on him and not on the party

Not to do

  • Blame him for mishaps
  • Own him
  • Doubt his abilities or skills
  • Disturb him when he’s doing something

We hope that this list helps you in getting along with 707. If you’d like to ask questions, you can leave your queries at the box below. 

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It’s nice to use the messenger, but you’ll get hurt if you try to find out too much about me so be careful!

—707, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook