Latest Version of Whatsapp Plus – What You Didn’t Know

WhatsApp Plus is quite an interesting modded version of Whatsapp, this too is very popular amongst millions of users worldwide, as well as being one of the most sought after modders on Facebook, and the latest version of Whatsapp Plus which are available for download has been released in mid-September. This modding tool is used primarily to make the app compatible with Facebook’s newest feature which allows the use of images from other people’s social media accounts for the purpose of sharing and tagging friends. Or you can click here to download whatsapp plus apk.

What’s New?

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus has been able to adopt this latest technology and this allows users to tag and save their photos using other people’s media such as Facebook photos, videos, and other files saved on the user’s computer. These files can then be uploaded onto Facebook, which will allow users to share them in the way that Facebook would like them to be shared. The uploading of the media files can either be done automatically or manually depending on how the user wishes.

In addition to uploading the media files to the various social networking sites Facebook is also able to use the media files to send SMS messages. This feature has also been added to the recent version of Whatsapp Plus which allows users to send text message messages to their contacts even if they have not installed the messenger application. This makes it much easier to send messages to all of your friends.

Although users have been able to use the Messenger application to send texts since the start of this year, it is only in the recent version of the program that this new feature has been added. SMS messaging through Messenger has been one of the major complaints about the platform. Although some users may find this feature very useful it can also result in huge spam mails that are sent out from users’ mobile phones and this can cause a real problem if you are using the messenger application to send bulk messages to a large number of people. You might also want to try latest app on soft goza and read about whatsapp for smart phone.

With the recent addition of this new feature it means that users can now send their messages to their friends through the Messenger application even when they have not installed the application. This is a great way of making the application even more popular with users and allows them to enjoy the convenience and ease of messaging through Messenger with their friends, which has been a major complaint of the Messenger application